Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Basil Cubes

Fall is coming and it's time to close down the herb garden.  Most of this year there was nothing happening there, so I got into the habit of not paying it any mind.  Eventually, though, the many plantings of basil seeds apparently took hold and now the space is packed with basils of every ilk!

Most years I am caught by frost before I remember that basil can't take even a mediocre frosting and in the morning I am greeted by dreary droopy black plants.  There have been years when I managed to get some sweet basil into the house and hanging from the rafters, but if I do this before we are ready to start up the woodstove, the fragrant bundles end up molding from within.  This year I am determined to not let this sumptuous bounty go to waste!

I believe that basil cubes may be the answer!