Thursday, October 25, 2012


This morning I awoke knowing that I absolutely HAD to make some space in the freezer.  I t was getting ready to overflow and there is talk of some up-and-coming hunts which, if successful, will require a bit of freezer space.  So, I pulled out a huge bag of cushaw squash chunks, not quite knowing what I'd use it for.  While it thawed, I decided to turn it into an unreasonable quantity of quick bread.  So I started grinding.

It takes a while to grind three cups of wheat berries.  It's great exercise though, and it gives the body a warm feeling just knowing how much more nutritious this flour is than whatever can be bought at the store.  I like feeling each grain meet the grinder plates.  You really can feel it! 

Anyway, Here are the fruits of my efforts (4 loaves and a 9x9"cake pan full!):

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