Monday, February 4, 2013

The Mega Cheese Sandwich with Fries

The other day I was hankering for a cheese sandwich.  I don't eat cheese sandwiches with much regularity, except when our work schedule demands it.  Usually these sandwiches consist merely of homemade bread, mayo, cheese and, if it's available, a bit of greenery (lettuce, mustard greens, or whatever). 

This time I was looking for something a little more exciting.  So I went out to the greenhouse and picked a fair portion of kale.  On both slices of the freshly baked bread I spread a nice layer of peppered olive oil mayonnaise, then on the bottom slice I also spread a bit of coarse grain mustard.  On the top slice I laid the layer of fresh kale, some thin red onion slices, and a few slices of homemade pickles.  I laid on the slices of cheese and dug in.  It was delicious!

So now you're wondering where the fries come in aren't you?  Well, the next night I wanted to cook a relatively uncomplicated meal, so I cut several potatoes into fries, coated them with a light dusting of flour, pepper and salt, and fried them up in the skillet in plenty of corn oil.  (I learned this method of making fries from a woman I met shortly after moving to Tennessee 16 years ago.)  While I fried potatoes I made a sandwich for each of us.

And Voila!  Mega Cheese Sandwiches with Fries!

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