Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Over the years I've heard a number of New Year's superstitions, most of which seemed pretty unlikely.  But today I heard one that I really hope works out!  A friend told me that her mom always said that whatever you do on New Year's day you will do for the rest of the year.  Well, today we did a lot of cleaning and organizing, I also improved the design of a piece of clothing I made a year or so ago, baked Wienerstube cookies, and best of all . . .

we had chocolate bread!

It's soooooo easy.  Just take a slice of fresh baked whole wheat bread still steaming from the oven, spread it with butter, cover the surface with semi-sweet chocolate chips let them melt a little, spread them out with a butter knife, and then liberally sprinkle on cinnamon sugar.

I really hope I'm doing this all year.  What will you be doing all year?

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