Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tamale Time

Every once in a while I get the bug to make tamales.  It's an all day process, so the stars have to be aligned just so.  It happened again just a couple of days ago!

Because our family is primarily vegetarian these are not quite made in the traditional way, which involves a lot of lard.  Instead of mixing lard into the Maseca (a special cornmeal treated with lime that is used for tamales and tortillas) I used corn oil.  I learned this from Kippy Nigh's "A Taste of Mexico - Vegetarian Mexican Cuisine" cookbook.

I started the day by making fillings as soon as I got out of bed.

Fake meat filling (a couple of chopped up veggie burgers, tomatoes,onions and spices)

Cheese, chicken of the woods mushrooms and sauteed garlic slivers

Cheese and jalepeno halves (steeped in cider vinegar and salt)

Chipotle peppers and black beans with lime juice

Enough dough to make over 60 tamales!

I separated out some dough to mix with finely minced chickweed

Soaking the corn husks

Then the filling process begins

Had to put a second layer in the canner to steam them all!

All steamed and ready to go!

The final report goes as follows:  Jalepeno and cheese - brutally hot but yummy; Chipotle/blackbean - a little dry but a favorite; Fake meat - yummy and milder than expected; Chicken of the woods and garlic - too mild and bland, need to find a way to make them more interesting.

After eating tamales for three meals in a row, we put the remainder in the freezer where they will keep well for popping them into the steamer any time someone wants a little snack or a quick meal!

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  1. Looks GREAT! And,not surprising, we also recently dined on Spanish Rice for more than a couple of meals in a row. Hey, when it's GOOD, it's good, right?! Cook on, my Sistah!